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My story starts in the 90's (I'm the one with the horns).

I’m a little girl, living in a cabin in the woods in Southern Oregon, and all I want is to be a writer…and to have a puppy. So I grow up and I go to school in Boston to become a writer. Then I realize writers don't make any money.

I try to adjust to the writing lifestyle by eating lots of ramen and refried beans. I realize I hate ramen. And rent in Boston is expensive. So I get a real job. And I buy my first pair of work heels. They’re shiny patent leather. Every morning, my heels go click-click-click down a big corporate hallway.

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But I can't stop writing.

I keep collecting rejection letters (and a few acceptances). I write a story about taxes that goes mini-viral. I start blogging about women and money. and then writing about body positivity. 


now i write full time. and plan an event that focuses on women + power.