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My story starts in the 90's (I'm the one with the horns).

I’m a little girl, living in a cabin in the woods in Southern Oregon, and all I want is to be a writer…and to have a puppy. So I grow up and I go to school in Boston to become a writer. Then I realize writers don't make any money.

I try to adjust to the writing lifestyle by eating lots of ramen and refried beans. I realize I hate ramen. And rent in Boston is expensive. So I get a real job. And I buy my first pair of work heels. They’re shiny patent leather. Every morning, my heels go click-click-click down a big corporate hallway.

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But I can't stop writing.

I keep collecting rejection letters (and a few acceptances). I write a story about taxes that goes mini-viral. I start blogging about money. One day, a friend sends me an article on Financial Independence, the idea that you can save enough money that you can retire early and do whatever you want.

I’m 22 and I use all my savings to buy a rental property. And then another. And then two more. I get promoted twice but I keep living like I’m in college — roommates, used furniture, old car — and saving the extra. Within five years, I quit my corporate marketing job.


Now I'm a writer.

Which means I spend half my week working working on my writing projects and the other half of my week ghostwriting for clients. (That's my husband, btw).


And this is my dog.

Her name is Winnie and she goes by Win, Winnebago, Winston, and Little Bug (or Bug for short).