Hi, I'm Emma. 

I'm a playwright turned corporate marketer turned (back to) writer. 

How did that happen? I'll tell you: 

My story (like so many good stories) starts in the nineties...

I'm a little girl, living in a cabin in the woods in Southern Oregon, and all I want is to be a writer...and to have a puppy. 

So I grow up and I go to school in Boston to become a writer.

Then I realize writers don't make any money. 

I try to adjust to the writing lifestyle by eating lots of ramen and refried beans. 

I realize I hate ramen. 

So I get a real job. 

And I buy my first pair of work heels. They're shiny patent leather. 

Every morning, my heels go click-click-click down a big corporate hallway. 

I realize I can't stop writing. I write a short story that gets published. I start blogging about money. I just can't stop. 

I get promoted. Get a raise. Switch jobs. Get promoted again. Get another raise. 

I start to dream of getting fired, and one time I make my boss promise that if she has to lay off anyone, she'll lay me off first.

I realize I can't adopt a puppy because I work too much. 

On the weekends, I start helping my friends and co-workers with their LinkedIn profiles, their websites, their books. 

One day a friend tells me, "I've never worked with another writer like you. You should be doing this full-time." 

That's when I realize I was put on earth to write. That I'm not good at many things, but writing is something I'm really good at. 

So I quit my job. And become a full-time writer. I adopt a puppy. And start writing a book. 

I realize that writers can make money. Alot of money. That good writing is rare, and fun writers are even rarer. 

I don't know you yet. And I don't know what you were put on earth to do. But if my writing can help you with whatever that is - writing your book, launching your site, creating your tedtalk - then I want to help you. 

Because I'm living proof: there's nothing better than doing the thing you were born to do. 

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